Guided by long-term commitment to innovative research and methodology as well as to a simple statement. Our approach is clearly multidisciplinary and collaborative. We support works of any researcher who wants to pursue the adventure of knowledge free from any form of lobbying and far away from the intellectual usurpation that involves artificially amplifying what has already been invented.


International Federation of Independent Researchers is an independent non-profit Institute Movement dedicated to welcome independent researchers in a truly collaborative and active community.


International Federation of Independent Researchers draws upon engine and ers, entrepreneurs, including pre graduate students, and any people to offer a multidisciplinary and collaborative approach and knowledge of leadership in cooperation. We form study groups and work groups committed to the particular questions raised by contemporary challenges of any company or society providing jobs.

Independence of the International Research Institute is secured by conscious effort not to be related to a particular University, or any particular political option, but by drawing the best scientific and personal resources from many of them.


International Federation of Independent Researchers is audacious in their application of the new social and multidisciplinary approaches. They tackle key societal challenges, taking into account legal approach. They conduct research on pressing issues-from great role of experimentation and cooperation in order to provide innovation and creativity in a job to be fully re appropriated. We publish our findings and papers through different media and draw attention of multiple media outlets to our researches, We organize study groups, conferences, as well as specific meetings in diversified countries.

In the world of fiction today, what guide us is … “NOTHING TO SAY WE HAVEN’T ALREADY DONE